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Christine Rincon
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Why can I not install WordPress using Mamp?

I'm trying to install WordPress on Mamp while following along this course:

I'm unable to move past the 2:50 mark on the video due to the error "The site is experiencing technical difficulties" on my side of things.

I'm able to set up the database name, user and password. But when I try to create the main user for WordPress, I keep getting the error. At the time of this issue, I tried to install WP 5.2 and also happened to have a 5.1.1 version I tried as well. Neither work. When I try to move forward despite this issue, it tells me that I appear to already have installed WordPress and if I want to start fresh, I can clear the tables in the database (which I've done multiple times). If I try to move forward with signing in with the user information I entered before the error, it tells me that the user is not valid.

Is there a way I can manually bypass this?