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Why can I not open the app simulator? Xcode opens up an app named simulator so that I can view the app but it is black?

I click the play button but the simulator application opens and I am unable to see what I am working on or how far I have come in the project. So now that I have this open It just opens in the app simulation viewer and not just on my Xcode workspace?

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Greg Kaleka
Greg Kaleka
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Hi Jack,

So you're hitting the play button in XCode, and the app simulator (which should look roughly like an iPhone screen) is black?

In XCode, next to the play button, what is the device that's selected in the drop-down? It should be something like "iPhone 6 iOS 9.1". Are you getting any error messages in XCode? Can you post the code you have so far? Start with just the viewcontroller code.



If you're running many background tasks, it might be that the simulator is booting up. Wait for a couple of minutes, and see if it works. I too had to wait for a while as I had tons of running in the background (I know, bad idea)...