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ian izaguirre
ian izaguirre
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Why do we not need to add Let or Const inside the EventListener Function?

I Have Two Questions...

(1) How come the code below works, if inside the function we are assigning a new value to the variable "listItems" ?

let listItems = document.querySelector('li'); 

listItems.addEventListener('mouseover', () =>  {

 listItems.textContent = listItems.textContent.toUpperCase(); // No let ?

  • I would have thought the above code would not work and should be written like:
let listItems = document.querySelector('li');

let listItems.addEventListener('mouseover', () =>  {

let listItems.textContent = listItems.textContent.toUpperCase(); // Why is this wrong ?



How do I know which is best to use in this situation since this works:

let listItems = document.querySelector('li'); // Let

and this works:

const listItems = document.querySelector('li'); // Const

Even though inside the function we are assigning a new value to the variable "listItems" ? I guess my second question is related to my first question, since I would have thought const would not have worked in this case, even though it does.

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cihangir bozdogan
cihangir bozdogan
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if you use the var/let/const key word once, you won't need to use it inside the other functions and handlers. if you create a variable inside the event handler you should use var/let/const keyword. var / is suitable for general use const / is for declaring the stable variables that we won't change later in our app let/ is the small scope variable. it is great for using inside functions and handlers..

Phillip Kerman
Phillip Kerman
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There's really no reason to use var anymore--provided you're targeting ES6 or have a compiler that changes it to var. Not like var will hurt you though. It's fair to say "let is the new var".

The harder concept I think is fully understanding scope and why you'd want to put a variable (using let) inside or outside a function.

This question is rather old, but in case anyone still reads it I want to point this out: we are not assigning a new value to the variable "listItems". You are changing the value of the textContent property. You are modifying a property of the object listItems refers to, not the reference itself. This, indeed, would give an error:

const listItems = document.querySelector('li');
listItems = document.querySelector('h1');