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Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis
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Why do we use "save-exact" or "-E"?

I am pretty sure that we do --save -E so that we don't worry about future updates breaking our code, but I am not really sure and I was wondering if someone could tell us why we add the "-E"

If we don't do the -E when we save, how does that work as well? Does that simply mean that if someone else is to clone our repository and run npm install, they would install possibly a newer version of the dependency?

If this is the case, should we always run the "-E" no matter what? I have also heard a long time ago, that there is a way to allow for minor updates such as [4.1.1 to upgrade to 4.1.9] or something, so that minor bug fixes happen, but not major game changing ones.

I know this is kind of a lot of questions thrown out there, but just curious is someone is able to explain when, how, and why we would use "-E", something else, or not.