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Troy Mosby
Troy Mosby
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Why does Guil look at a large viewport while using a mobile-first approach?

I’m trying to get an understanding of Guil’s process. If he’s editing the base styles in a mobile-first approach, why write the code while looking at a large viewport instead of shrinking the screen to a mobile-sized viewport? Is there any advantage to coding mobile-first while looking at a larger-than-mobile sized screen?

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Liam Clarke
Liam Clarke
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Hi Troy

There is no benefit to doing this other than seeing how it will look zoomed in, essentially

However, the reason was probably more for clarity when recording this video, it would be hard to visually see if Guil reduced the screen size to mobile screen size.

This could also be personal preference, for me, I will test at all screen sizes to test the responsiveness and then I will test on multiple emulated devices from mobile, tablet, desktop, wide screens, etc.