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Why does my code not work?

What is wrong with my code in answer to the following question & error?

Question: The message in the final echo command only makes sense if your favorite flavor is the same as Hal's. Add a conditional around that final echo command that checks if the flavor variable has a value of "cookie dough." (Remember to choose carefully between using a single equal sign and a double equal sign in the check.) Preview the code and, if you have a different flavor, make sure the message disappears.

Error: I do not see the flavors set properly.

$flavor = "vanilla";

echo "<p>Your favorite flavor of ice cream is ";
echo $flavor;
echo ".</p>";
if($flavor == "cookie dough") {
  echo "<p>Hal's favorite flavor is cookie dough, also!</p>";

Patrik Horváth
Patrik Horváth
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this task seems to be BUGGED tryed my best but cant sole this challange, but your code is 100 % perfect mayb wrong asked question on this challange because i dont underestend whot is "Hal's" ... but Okey.... but "===" is better because you also check if it is string :)

2 Answers

Alena Holligan
Alena Holligan
Treehouse Teacher

It was an issue with the apostrophe in Hal's

I updated the challenge and it should be working the way you have it Will Foster :)

Perfect, thanks for your help!