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Chintan Ray
Chintan Ray
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Why does my code run without any error, despite not having followed the coding instruction

Hi everyone,

I am following the video, but I code first and then look at the solution. I coded the following in my JS file:-

const myHeading = document.getElementById('myHeading'); myButton.addEventListener('click', () => { = 'tomato'; })

Link to the screenshot of the workspace ====>>>

The code ran without any error, and did exactly what it was meant to do, i.e change the color of myHeading to 'tomato'.

The problem with the code is that, I have not extracted myButton from the DOM, and it still gets the element and manipulate it.

Can someone please shed some light on how that happened?

Thanks again. Cheers!!!

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Some browsers (obviously yours) establish a variable for every element that has an ID, using the ID as the name of the variable. While this can be handy for testing, it should not be relied on in code to be deployed for general use.