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Why does the tutorial not show the steps of making the todo_items?

This tutorial is so so so so so spotty. Two different examples are used (monkeys or whatever then to-do list). Furthermore, under "Creating To-Do Items", it is NEVER shown how to make the todo_items and how to make said items relational to todo_lists (belongs_to :todo_list). Awful tutorial.

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Seth Reece
Seth Reece
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Hi Jordan,

I would suggest taking a look at Build a Todo List Application. The Rails API course takes that existing application and just makes an API for it.

Can you please post the exact link for this app .. I couldn't find the app there

thanks, sahil

Seth Kroger
Seth Kroger
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The course is one of several post-track courses that build upon the the To-Do list application in the Rails track. It's only about adding an API to an existing web application. It assumes you've taken the courses on building the application first.

If you haven't worked with Ruby on Rails before it's best to take the track first. It will take you through the steps of creating the todo_lists, setting up relations, etc. until you have a complete application.