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Kevin Ryu
Kevin Ryu
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Why does this code not work to assign the "name" to the subject string with the use of .format?

Please see code below. The goal is to have correctly use the .format to add name to subject placeholder. I don't understand why it does not work.
name = 'Kevin'
subject = "Treehouse loves {} "

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Hi there!

Ah I've made this mistake before too, don't worry. It's because the sting method format returns the value, but doesn't by itself assign it to the variable. You have to specify you want it to do that for you, because strings are immutable (they can't be changed), whilst it looks like you're just updating the string, what's actually happening is you're taking the value out of the variable, changing it and then overwriting the old value in the variable. So

bob = "Bob {}"

won't change it, but

bob = "Bob {}"
bob = bob.format("Geldoff")


Hope it helps!