HTML HTML Basics Structuring Your Content Using Multiple <header> and <footer> Elements

Why have multiple footers and headers?

Why have multiple headers and footers I though websites only have one header and footer for the entire website. this is confusing me could HTML 5 have thought of something tells instead

From a novice's perspective, I'm presuming the necessity of multiple headers and footers are about specificity when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But I could be wrong.

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Rox R
Rox R
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Because maybe in the future you will want to use it multiple times and you will think that's not allowed..better to know you can use it more than once

I'm not really getting the answer I want here maybe it's the way I worded the question. what I'm asking is why reuse the header and footer element to show some other information inside an article, paragraph or anywhere ells.

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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There's no rule about how many headers or footers a page must have. You can certainly have only one if you want. It is strictly a design decision.

But you might want to have a header for the body, but a separate header in an article.

In treehouse training that's what they teach, if that's the case then they should not include this in the tutorial as it creates confusion. training should be based purely on the essential stuff to keep it simple.