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Andrew Carr
Andrew Carr
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Why if function does not work.

I tried using the following code but it doesn't seem to complete the code challenge. I understand "answer = answer.to_i if kind == "number"' is simpler, but how is my code inherently different?


def parse_answer(answer, kind="string")
  if answer.kind == "number"
    answer = answer.to_i
  return answer
if kind == "number"

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Jeff Jacobson-Swartfager
Jeff Jacobson-Swartfager
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You are comparing the value in the kind method on answer to the string "number". The answer object that is being passed into parse_answer may not have a kind method.

The construction of the parse_answer method is looking to get at least 1 required argument (answer) and 1 optional argument (kind).

You need to test the value of the optional kind argument to pass.