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Digital Literacy How the Web Works The World Wide Web Final Review

why internet and web aren't the same thing

why that two aren't the same thing . is it for their different definition of the word

3 Answers

Codin - Codesmite
Codin - Codesmite
8,600 Points

The Internet and the World Wide Web are often mistaken to be the same thing. When really The World Wide Web is just a portion of the Internet using one of many protocols.

Internet: The Internet is a massive publically availible global network of devices interconnected to each other via protocols.

Many different protocols are used to transfer data between devices connected to the Internet.

Ill try to explain a few of the key protocols used for browsing the web using the least amount of networking lingo I can:

Internet Protocol: Every devices connected to the internet has a unique I.P (Internet Protocol) address to determine the location of the device on the network. For example even the server that hosts www.teamtreehouse.com has an I.P address ( (Try it now yourself put into your web browser address bar and you should be directed to teamtreehouse)

DNS Protocol: When you go to a website for example teamtreehouse.com your browser uses DNS (Domain Name System) protocol to connect to a DNS server to translate the simplified web address into it's original I.P address.

HTTP: HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is the protocol that the WWW (World Wide Web, The Web) uses to transfer HyperText data across networks such as the Internet, Local Intranet and partially public Extranets. When you go to a website for example www.teamtreehouse.com, first your browser requests the I.P address for www.teamtreehouse.com from a DNS server, once your browser has the I.P address of the server it sends a HTTP request to the server, without going into too complicated networking, basically the server returns an HTTP header response with information about what is contained at the address, your browser and the server will bounce back and fourth with HTTP requests until the data matches the HTTP header sent from the server (it's a bit more complicated than this and involves more protocols from your router to the server to determine that the data recieved is correct and not corrupt but this is the basic idea of how it works)

World Wide Web: The World Wide Web (WWW) basically refers to the global web of hypertext files connected to eachother via hyperlinks using the HTTP Protocol on the Internet Network.

List of Internet Protocols:

WIFI/WIMAX Protocols

Bluetooth protocol

Fibre Channel network protocols

Internet Protocol Suite or TCP/IP model or TCP/IP stack

OSI protocols family of information exchange standards developed jointly by the ISO and the ITU-T Routing protocols

List of IP protocol numbers, protocol numbers used in the Protocol field of the IPv4 header and the Next Header field of IPv6 header

Yahoo! Messenger, underlying protocol used by the Yahoo messenger

RTPS protocol, an interoperability protocol

SSH Secure Shell

SMB Server Message Block, one version of which was also known as CIFS (Common Internet File System)

FTP File Transfer Protocol

SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

TCP Transmission Control Protocol

Telnet Telephone Network

HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

HTTPs Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

POP Post Office Protocol

HTCPCP Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol

MTP Media Transfer Protocol

SFTP Secure File Transfer Protocol

SSL Secure Socket Layer

TLS Transport Layer Security

E6 Ethernet globalization protocols

NTP Network time protocol

PPP Point to Point Protocol

NNTP Network News Transfer Protocol

QOTD Quote Of The Day

IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol

Bitcoin Protocol Protocol for Bitcoin transactions and transfers on the web

10/10 answer! :D

Well done

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
230,231 Points

The internet is a global network of interconnected systems. The systems communicate with each other in a variety of different protocols.

The web (short for world wide web) is an information sharing system that uses a client/server model and a specific protocol (HTTP), and relies on the internet for connectivity.

So in short, when you use the web you are using the internet, but there's more to the internet than the web.

thanx a lot #Steven_Parker #Ashley_Skilton ... now i got it