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Michael Pashkov
Michael Pashkov
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Why is dot in front of ('./routes')?

Hi, guys! Why is dot in front of routes? const routes = require('./routes'), why not just const routes = require('/routes') - without dot.

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Josh Olson
Josh Olson
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So I spun up a workspace using both the dot-slash and the slash. I also tried other means such as the module name alone. I found node will throw an error if you use anything other than the dot-slash.

You can fork it from here and experiment yourself.

I believe the dot-slash is necessary because you always start from an absolute path or a relative path. It has to know which one it's using. Absolute paths begin like C:\ or http://. Relative paths begin like ./ or ../.

Can't find any sources confirming this behavior though.

Interesting question.