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Josie Tang
Josie Tang
3,260 Points

Why is it important to have a description for 'alt text'?

Thanks for any feedback!

3 Answers

One of the major reasons to use the alt text is because it provides a description in place of the image for those who use screen readers due to certain disabilities or visual impairment. They might not be able to see the image or recognize it but the alt text will give a description of it through the screen reader.

You can get to read more about it by reading - Alternative Text Basics.

Hi gloria .

This isn't to this topic but i didn't want to create a new topic ; p.

I was just curious, would you share your plan of studying? i mean like how do you balance your time and how do you study ?

Ha ha. Hi Aurelian Spodarec :) Well, I can't hijack this thread with my study plan since its topic is not about that. There are several things to keep in mind when trying to balance everything.

My study plan needs a lot of elaboration as it is not a specific plan. Think of it as a "decision tree" that has many routes. That is how my study plan is, I don't think I should elaborate it here as it will be very long and I will try to answer the other questions you asked in order to not hijack the thread lol.

1.How do you balance your time ?

Time balancing for me is an art. There is no one way to it but there are some things that remain common in every approach of it. One of them is setting priorities and urgency on the things you have to study. Shuffle them in a way that help you see a goal. For example "what will you get when you study all these?" if you see no profit in one or each of the things you are about to study or many things that make it counterproductive, then something is going wrong. In that case start again till you have a clear mind of what you want or have to study, why you are studying it and what will it benefit you. Once you have that thing clear in your mind...try to estimate how much the most important tasks take. Many times you'll be off in the numbers and you'll have to create time. That means you'll have to do some sacrifices in order to make time or you'll have to reorder your priorities. That is one of my most common approaches though I change from time to time.

2.How do you study ?

How I study depends on what I am studying. If you mean about Treehouse studies, certain videos I speed them up to 2X not because I already know what they say but because I find some instructors try to speak slower in order to be understood. To me that feels draggy except if I am following the code (then I often slow it down whenever the instructor starts typing code that I want to follow.) I sometimes take notes, I'll love if there could be a cheat-sheet /summary type of thing in every lesson as that is the type of way I write in order to reinforce some concepts and keep them for future reference. I don't take notes all the time. I often study on my sister's laptop whenever it is available (I hope to get one of my own soon) or in the PC. It is hard to download softwares on both sides so I have downloaded for example HTML softwares and android studio there while on the laptop there are already design softwares in, I downloaded android studio, rails, added ubuntu etc on my sister's laptop (I'm glad she is so nice to allow me to do that haha it takes a lot of memory), so wherever I end up sitting at there are set of courses I can do. Then I start by watching the videos and doing code challenges, taking very important notes alone and not typing at the same time as the instructor does except I am doing ruby or android (for the other it depends). Whenever I don't get something..I google or bing it (whatever you call it and research it further) There are also other aspects I am currently trying to evaluate which is how to get really good in a specific language or how to do awesome projects. These are things I am still evaluating, it is easy to get theory but when it comes to practicals without following videos that is a different world altogether and it can be very uncomfortable till you get a hang of it.

In this journey three things should remain constant in your mind, these things will keep you going...

a. be patient

b. try hard

c. don't give up

:) Good luck.

Im pretty bad with time : p

Thank you for all the shared information and advice . Ill keep it in my mind . I just didnt get why i spend so much time on it and i never give up and I'm patient and nothing get build to final. e.g. when i learn maths , i spend sooo much time at college avterschool , that i hoped to get better grade . But it found out i just did a little better then the last time .

Im really bad with time , everything , this sums it up :p

I have now a different look at it . thank you ! bdw you seem and I'm sure you are really nice person with a nice personality .

i don't want go too much in this topic since its not about this : p but other hand i don't know if it would be ok to create a new topic for this before : p i believe sort of yes

Thank you! :smiley:

You are welcome. You can take it a step at a time.

Stone Preston
Stone Preston
42,016 Points

alt text is used to provide a description of the photo to those with browsers that dont display images, image display disabled, or those who have visual impairments and are using screen readers.

The main importance of alt text is that it improves accessibilty.

It also affect SEO

Oziel Perez
Oziel Perez
61,321 Points

Ok well now that you bring this up, I'm stuck between two notes:

on the Accessibilty course, Nick mentions to leave it blank if the alt text would generally be the same as the caption. But in SEO basics, it is mentioned to always use alt text... what should I do?

Hazel Kenady
Hazel Kenady
Front End Web Development Techdegree Student 16,744 Points

Oziel, Nick's accessibility course is a little order in terms of when it was recorded compared to SEO basics. Adding a caption to images is optional, but if you want to follow good HTML and accessibility standards, you should include alt text with your images if it reinforces the message of the content. Zack uses both captions and alt text correctly in this video: caption is a short description, alt text is a longer or more detailed description about the image. The purpose is so that if the image doesn't load or a person is using a screenreader, they have a better idea of what was in the image. It is my understanding that pretty much what is good for accessibility also happens to be good for SEO.

Oziel Perez
Oziel Perez
61,321 Points

Ah, good points. Yeah I figured it would come down to something like that. It's a real pain though when I have to do websites with translations :/