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Why is the Code challenge editor broken on an iPhone when the Challenge Task description is kept in view when scrolled?

It seems like the mechanism that ensures the Challenge Task description is visible when scrolling on an iPhone interferes with the other component preventing clicks.

An easy solution would be to not enforce the Challenge Task description to be visible when scrolling.

The editor is clickable when the Challenge Task descriptor is in view. This can be achieved by clicking on the description, but the editor is sometimes not inside the viewport, which mean one would have to scroll. When you scroll, the description is detached from the document flow and kept in viewport, which causes all other clicks to be prevented effectively making it impossible to activate the editor at all. Please fix this soon!

Ariel Aronica
Ariel Aronica
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I'm pretty sure Treehouse has not adapted the site for the iPhone. When you download the app, it's only available for iPad and Android. That could be the problem.