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Why is the data from my program not being saved on SQL lite?

I am creating a program that holds details about booking a hotel, when the user enters the detail the information is not saved in the SQL Lite. What should I do?

import modules

from tkinter import *

tkinter is a module in python and this means import everything from tkinter which is used to create a GUI graphical user interface

import sqlite3 import tkinter.messagebox

This is a module that allows you to connect to the SQL database

This will allow the computer to create a mespythosagebox

connect to the database

conn = sqlite3.connect('database.db')

cursor to move around the database

c = conn.cursor() print("Successfully connected")

tkinter window

class Application: def init(self, master): self.master = master

    # creating the frames in the master
    self.left = Frame(master, width=800, height=720, bg='black')

    self.right = Frame(master, width=400, height=720, bg='navyblue')

    # labels for the window
    self.heading = Label(self.left, text="Bienvenue a l'hotel De Kambayi  ", font=('arial 40 bold'), fg='white', bg='black')
    self.heading.place(x=0, y=0)

    # customer name
    self.name = Label(self.left, text="Name", font=('arial 18 bold'), fg='white', bg='black')
    self.name.place(x=0, y=100)

    # age
    self.age = Label(self.left, text="Age", font=('arial 18 bold'), fg='white', bg='black')
    self.age.place(x=0, y=150)

    # gender
    self.gender = Label(self.left, text="Gender", font=('arial 18 bold'), fg='white', bg='black')
    self.gender.place(x=0, y=200)

    # room
    self.room = Label(self.left, text="Room", font=('arial 18 bold'), fg='white', bg='black')
    self.room.place(x=0, y=250)

    # phone
    self.phone = Label(self.left, text="Phone", font=('arial 18 bold'), fg='white', bg='black')
    self.phone.place(x=0, y=300)

    # scheduled_time
    self.scheduledtime = Label(self.left, text="Scheduled-time", font=('arial 18 bold'), fg='white', bg='black')
    self.scheduledtime.place(x=0, y=350)

    # Entries for all labels
    self.name_ent = Entry(self.left, width=30)
    self.name_ent.place(x=250, y=100)

    self.gender_ent = Entry(self.left, width=30)
    self.gender_ent.place(x=250, y=150)

    self.age_ent = Entry(self.left, width=30)
    self.age_ent.place(x=250, y=200)

    self.room_ent = Entry(self.left, width=30)
    self.room_ent.place(x=250, y=250)

    self.phone_ent = Entry(self.left, width=30)
    self.phone_ent.place(x=250, y=300)

    self.scheduledtime_ent = Entry(self.left, width=30)
    self.scheduledtime_ent.place(x=250, y=350)

    # button to perform a command
    self.submit = Button(self.left, text="Book now at l'hotel De Kambayi", width=25, height=2, bg='blue')
    self.submit.place(x=300, y=500)

# function to call when the submit button is clicked
def add_appointment(self):
    # getting the user inputs
    self.val1 = self.name_ent.get()
    self.val2 = self.age_ent.get()
    self.val3 = self.gender_ent.get()
    self.val4 = self.room_ent.get()
    self.val5 = self.phone_ent.get()
    self.val6 = self.scheduled_time_ent.get()

    # checking if the user input is empty
    if self.val1 == '' or self.val2 == '' or self.val3 == '' or self.val4 == '' or self.val5 == '' or self.val6 == '':
        tkinter.messagebox.showinfo("Warning", "Please Fill Up All The Boxes")
        # now we add to the database
        sql = "INSERT INTO 'appointments'  (name, age, gender, room, phone, scheduled_time) VALUES(?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)"
        c.execute(sql, (self.val1, self.val2, self.val3, self.val4, self.val5, self.val6))
        print("Successfully added to the database")

creating the object

root = Tk() root.title('Kambayi') b = Application(root)

resolution of the window


preventing the resize feature

root.resizable(False, False)

end the loop


testing the user inputs