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Jasper Kop
Jasper Kop
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Why is the text from resolve displayed by the val function?

I don't get the link between the breakfastPromise.then (val=> console.log(val)) and the resolve text that shows up in the console.

I find the whole call-back and promise hard to understand.

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Hi Jasper!

shahzaib rafiq is right on here. val is just a variable holding the resolve information. It may be easier to understand if you right it out like this:

const breakfastPromise = new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
    setTimeout(() => {
        resolve('Your order is ready!');
    }, 3000);

breakfastPromise.then((resolve) => console.log(resolve));  // .then() is a method that uses the resolved information from the promise you've previously created

Hope this helps!

shahzaib rafiq
shahzaib rafiq
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for understanding take the resolve like a message variable which store the success message and .then() is the method which takes one parameter (you can name that parameter whatever you want) and performs the task on that parameter which you pass. Like .then( val => {console.log(val)} ) or .then(msg => {console.log(msg)}) it will print the value that store in resolve.