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Lewis Fierle
Lewis Fierle
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Why is this code not working?

Can someone please explain to me why this code isnt running. I have a try except block set up and dont understand?
This is importing a function named `tweet` from a file
    that we unfortunately don't have access to change.

You use it like so:
>>> tweet("Hello this is my tweet")

If the function cannot connect to Twitter,
    the function will raise a `CommunicationError`
If the message is too long,
    the function will raise a `MessageTooLongError`
from twitter import (

message = input("What would you like to tweet?  ")
# Your code here

except CommunicationError:
    print("An error occurred attempting to connect to Twitter. Please try again")

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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You should only call the "tweet" function one time, from inside the "try". Just remove the duplicate call that happens before the "try" and you should pass task 2.