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Why isn't this code working?

I someone could please explain why this isn't working in a way that i could under stant, that would be great.

string heightInput = "168";
int height;

height = height + 10;

height = int.Parse(heightInput);

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Henrik Christensen
Henrik Christensen
Python Web Development Techdegree Student 38,299 Points

The order matters because the program read from top to buttom

  • Parse heightInput to an integer so that height = 168
  • Then add 10 to height

but your order is

  • Setting **height* to 10
  • Then parse heightInput to an integer and then set height to 168
string heightInput = "168";
int height;  // here height is = 0

height = height + 10; // now you're adding 10 to height

height = int.Parse(heightInput); // here you set height to 168

Thanks! that makes a lot more sense!