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Pavel Pokor
Pavel Pokor
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Why isn't this version of shopping list code working? Can't figure where I made the mistake.

def shopping_list():
    shopping_items = []
    while True:
        new_item = input("Enter an item you want on the shopping list. To quit type 'DONE' ")
        if new_item.upper == 'DONE':


1 Answer

Frank Simser
Frank Simser
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Hi Pavel! You didn't mention what your issue is, so I'm guessing it's that typing DONE (or 'done') doesn't end the loop. The problem is that "upper" is actually a function which requires the "()" after the function call, even if you don't have an argument to give it. That line should read:

if new_item.upper() == 'DONE':
Hinh Phan
Hinh Phan
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That's help. Thank Frank !

Close bag

if item_took == ('DONE'):