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General Discussion

why mac not pc?

hi i would like to learn front-end web development and PHP also but i really need to get a new laptop my other one died but of course you have windows 8.1 and Mac OS X or Linux but here is my problem one i can't afford a used or new mac and Linux sounds good but i still use software that is not available on Linux and then top it of windows 8.1 even with Treehouse is not really touched on in some of the videos.plus to be honest i use all those Operating systems before. but with windows i used the longest since 3.1 but i hate windows 8 so to get to the point should i even bother with getting windows 8.1 or should save money for year for mac yup this is a hard time for me right now but my dream is work in web development but i kinda screwed right now

7 Answers

I've been a serious PC user and Mac user since I was in 5th grade, and I would say get a Mac if you want to be a web developer.

Windows will cripple your ability to solve problems as a web developer given the fact it's not POSIX compliant, and many of the tools dealing with the command line Windows simply cannot support.

Windows does its own thing compared to Unix-based Operating systems such as OSX, and such things benefits consumers and business people but not web developers.

If you choose Windows, things like Tmux, Unicorn, and a whole variety of other programs related to front-end development can't work on Windows as long as it's not POSIX compliant.

For what it's worth, developers who can't afford or don't want to make 2 different versions of their programs just to support Windows often do not.

Examples are CodeKit and Sketch, but the reason can also be because of the fact it leverages things that Windows can't support because it's not POSIX compliant.

Quick note, if you use it for anything other than web development, get a pc. Just saying.

you can always look into getting a refurb macbook from an establish company. I know big companies sell their old Macs for about $500 and they run just great. A cheap alternative if you want a mac really bad.

Max Candello: I disagree, Macs is a much better choice for content creators in general. The only "edge case" may be game developers and if you do high-end video production.

Such edge cases require the flexibility to use specific configurations of hardware (i.e. 4 Nvidia CUDA GPUs running on SLI) and software that accommodates such specifications that Apple can't or won't support being a closed platform.

Windows 8 is much better when you get used to it! It's faster and cleaner then prev windows. I use it on my custom built pc (GTX 760 & i4670k @4.5ghz)!

I have Windows 8 Pro and it doesn't resolve anything as far as improving Windows's ability to support web developers and web content creators to do their work well compared to OSX and other operating systems.

Both systems have Photoshop & Sublime Text, so what's the problem? People buy macs because of the apple logo (I bought mine because I needed Xcode). I think it's better for content creators to go windows because of the flexibility. My late 2013 retina 13" 8gb/256 PCIe based SSD can barely handle my photoshop UI sketches, which my PC can handle without an effort for the same price!!!

Also, I don't think it's really a good comparison to compare a PC that's aligned towards being able to play most new games on high settings to a laptop likely without a discrete graphics card.

Hi, Stanislaw Malec :

I think you're confused on the difference between a Web developer and a Web designer.

Whether or not Photoshop works on the OS is not much of a concern to a Web developer, but Photoshop does work pretty much the same on both OSX and Windows.

Things like previews for certain type of files you're likely to make on Photoshop and similar products are better handled on OSX however.

For what it's worth, programs that are of interest to Web designers such as Sketch, Alfred, Hammer, and perhaps even CodeKit are on OSX only.

That said, programs, frameworks, and tools for Web Development such as Rails, Unicorn, Spring, and more need to interact with the OS (as well as the filesystem and other capabilities of the OS) that either can't work on Windows or are severely limited in functionality due to Windows not being POSIX compliant.

In fact, most web developers don't need Mac or Windows--a Linux distro might do them just fine. That's not uncommon.

However, with Mac you get practically all the benefits of a Unix-based OS and more. The additional things you get may matter to you including things that necessary are not entirely in Apple's control such as Adobe products.

Fortunately, most languages dealing with the web are OS-agnostic

That's some good valid points :) Btw tree house should do a "From Photoshop to Sketch" track, I think I'm not the only one interested to switch haha