JavaScript React Basics Understanding State Remove Items From State

Why mention 'What's New in React 16' at the end of the course?!?!

Why not ad a teacher's note the moment it is relevant at any point whiting the course?! This is the second time that in hindsight Treehouse basically mentions: 'What you just learned can still be use, but some of it is outdated. If you want to get up to date please watch this course so you know where we wasted your time.' Come on!!!

To make matters worse, React 16 was released September 26, 2017. Your course is over 2 years old! So I'm better of learning React on YouTube.

Can you at least mention deprecated code or outdated code in the Teacher's Notes, and not at the end of a course!!!!!

Chris Freeman
Chris Freeman
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Thanks for your feedback. Marked as feedback for developers.

Wow, great answer.