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Why part of loop was made a function?

In the video, the code within {} was made code, i am confused on why didn't the whole code was made a function e.g foreach ($catalog as $item), was left out. Why? and what is the difference?

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Lindsey Somerset
Lindsey Somerset
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The page making the request has to send the info of what items it wants printed.

The catalog page sends every catalog id (outer array, ex: $catalog[101]) and that id item's respective values (inner array's key/value pairs) to the function:

foreach ($catalog as $id => $item) {          
     echo get_item_html($id, $item);

In the "Random Fun with Arrays" video later this stage, the index page randomly chooses catalog IDs and sends those random IDs to the function:

$random = array_rand($catalog, 4);
foreach ($random as $id) {
    echo get_item_html($id, $catalog[$id]);

Using this set up allows other pages to send different print requests to the function. Please let me know if this is not clear.