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why this is not working?

function getExercise($dayOfWeek) {
    if($dayOfWeek == 1) {
    echo $exercise1;
  } else if($dayOfWeek == 2) {
    echo $exercise2;
  } else if($dayOfWeek == 3) {
    echo $exercise3;
  } else if($dayOfWeek == 4) {
    echo $exercise4;
  } else if($dayOfWeek == 5) {
    echo $exercise5;
  } else if($dayOfWeek == 6) {
    echo $exercise6;
  } else if($dayOfWeek == 7) {
    echo $exercise7;
  } else {
    echo "$dayOfWeek is not a valid day.";


$dayOfWeek = date("N");

according to the docs i did evreything ok but i still get this error and unable to find the problem:

 Undefined variable: exercise5 in /home/treehouse/workspace/exercise.php on line 58     

5 Answers

i omitted the exercise variables but they exists in the code .

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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But to understand the issue, it's necessary to see the whole code. A link to a snapshot of your workspace would be ideal.

this is the snapshot the file is exercise.php

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
182,307 Points

Functions in PHP don't automatically have access to global variables. You need to declare them inside the function:

global $exercise1, $exercise2, $exercise3, $exercise4, $exercise5, $exercise6, $exercise7;

OR, you could refer to them this way:

echo $GLOBALS['exercise6'];

Thanks steven. I have a question, I'm having a good time so far learning php, did u condiser the track very good? And do u consider php a good backend language and worth learning?

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
182,307 Points

I've only done the beginner PHP track, and it seemed on par with most tracks here. And I don't use PHP myself, but I know it's still used by more websites than any other backend language.

is there a reason u don’t work with php? treehouse built with php am i right ?

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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There's a blog post somewhere detailing the Treehouse back-end development. It's been a while since I saw it, but if I remember correctly it's mostly Ruby/Rails.

For the back-end, I'm almost exclusively a C# developer. But I'm also not a freelancer, so it's not as important for me to keep up with what languages are most popular.