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why this script don't work

x = input(" Enter the first number : " )

y = input(" Enter the secound number : ")



print("The result : ", x + y)

3 Answers

Kent Åsvang
Kent Åsvang
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You need to store the value returned by float() into a variable.

    first_number = float(x)
    second_number = float(y)

and if you are going to use comma-separated values in your print-function you can remove the placeholder {}

Richie Sanchez
Richie Sanchez
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a more convoluted way (if I understood the desired output correctly):

x = input("Enter the first number: ") y = input("Enter the second number: ")

print("The result is:",float(int(x) + int(y)))

Output in Shell: 11.0

Gideon De Villiers
Gideon De Villiers
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x = float(input('Enter the first number ')) y = float(input('Enter the second number '))

print('The Result:', x+y)