CSS CSS Layout Basics Getting Started with CSS Layout Centering Page Content and Creating a Full-width Header

Why was the wrapper for the header added inside of the <header> tag instead of outside it?

In the HTML for this video the instructor adds the <div class='container'> code inside the <header> tag while i suppose a container should be outside the header right?

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Hi Sachin

Putting a container around the content allows you to keep the content in the center of the browser. So in the video, the header is styled to have a green background at 100% width but if the container was to be added around the header as well this would mean that the header would only span 70% of the width and the green background wouldn't go outside of this container.

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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It depends on what is being contained.

In this case, it's the contents of the header, not the header itself. This allows different styling to be applied to the header as a whole, and separately to the contents.