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Why were apostrophes not needed when you ran the command: int(, or round(?

In the video, I noticed you did not have to add apostrophes to the syntax. Are numbers not apart of a string literal? Or does Python not see individual numbers as chunks?

adrian miranda
adrian miranda
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Not sure what you mean. Why don't you give an example of what you saw in the video, and then show what you thought it should have been.

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Chris Freeman
Chris Freeman
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As Python parses code it sees tokens (chunks of code) as either:

  • built-in keywords or functions,
  • user-defined objects and variables (object labels)
  • literal strings (bound by quotation marks)
  • numbers

Since objects and label names can not have a number as the first character, the int() and round() will determine they are operating on a number.

Post back if you need more help. Good luck!!!

Ah that makes sense! cool, thank you!