iOS Swift Basics An Introduction to Swift Programming Working With Constants

why wont this code work for constants

i keep getting an error when i check the work on this code and i'm not sure why

// Enter your code below
let favouriteDessert = "cake"

2 Answers

Jason Anders
Jason Anders
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Hey Josh,

The variable name you have is misspelled. Challenges are very picky, and this one specifically asks for favoriteDessert to be the American English spelling. So, just fix up that error and the task will pass.

Keep Coding! :dizzy:

SivaKumar Kataru
SivaKumar Kataru
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Dear Josh White head , favourite(BRITAIN) -> favorite(AMERICAN) Remember while creating any variables in code challenge make sure it would be specific as mentioned, since tree house servers will show an bummer message if you have misspelled any variable.

let favoriteDessert: String = "KitKat"