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Why would you use <p> vs. <h1> in a document.write string? I don't understand what you put in there and why?

Example: How do you determine which one to use? document.write("<p>My first JavaScript 'program'</p>"); OR document.write("<h1>My first JavaScript 'program'</h1>"); OR other choices (if there are any)?

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Clayton Perszyk
Clayton Perszyk
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<p> and <h1> are HTML tags and have different meanings:

<p> is a paragraph tag

<h1> is a level one heading (i.e. top level heading)

I would recommend going through a course on HTML, if this is causing confusion:

HTML tags as far as position? Yes, I think the HTML course would help as I have not done that yet. Thanks!

Em Har
Em Har
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The H1 tag will enlarge you the content in between the tags as its meant to be a "heading" to grab the viewers attention. The <p> tag will not enlarge the text and will keep it as a regular sentence.