JavaScript Node.js Basics Building a Command Line Application Getting the Response Body

Without renaming any of the variables, modify the data callback to concatenate the stream of data to the responseBody.

It says I have not added the dataChunk to the response

const https = require("https");
const request = https.get("", response => {
    let responseBody = "";

    response.on("data", dataChunk => {
       console.log ('data:', dataChunk);

    response.on("", () => {


request.on("error", error => {

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Some of those "Bummer" messages are confusing, but this one is spot on — you have not added the dataChunk to responseBody. It looks like you logged it to the console instead.

Just concatenate it onto the end of responseBody, and you don't need to log anything to the console here.