Wordpress 1-click install to wrong URL - HELP!

Hello Team Treehouse community.

I'm going through the deep dive "How to Make a Wordpress Blog" and I ran into an issue on the 1-click install. I'm using bluehost.com for my hosting so the directions should be exactly the same, but it looks like bluehost.com has updated their 1-click install since treehouse filmed this video... They now outsource to mojomarketplace.com... Anyhow, see comments below for my issue. Any comments / help is appreciated!

I'm trying to setup my website using the one-click install from bluehost.com for wordpress.org... I go to cPanel, click on wordpress and it takes me to mojomarketplace.com... when I get there it gives me two options for my site to choose from, a temp domain or other domains... but both are this exact domain: http://66.147.242..167/~luketuck/

I want to direct to my site's url which is http://www.luketucker.com but that's not an option. There was a box on the right so I thought that's where I type in my url, but that I guess was just an extension added on to the url with the weird IP address in it:

How come my blue host pointed me to this weird URL and how do I change it to the correct url I want?


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James Barnett
James Barnett
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If you are having an issue with one of their installers, call Blue Host, that's what you pay them.

Hi James,

That's a good point. I will definitely reach out to them.

Thanks! Luke

Alexander Sobieski
Alexander Sobieski
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Good call James Barnett -- I'm can name 3-4 of the support techs at my host because I lean on them whenever I want to double check something or have issues.

It's free support, definitely use it!

( Luke Tucker -- I've dealt with bluehost for clients, and they have always been good/helpful)

Alexander Sobieski
Alexander Sobieski
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Hi Luke,

Did you just sign-up for hosting today, or have you had that site/domain live for a while?

Is the domain hosted with bluehost too, or did you get it elsewhere?

_______________SIDE NOTE___________________________

Usually, in the 1-click install, it asks you for the site's domain, because that goes into the settings/configuration info. If you start with your IP address, you should be able to go into the wordpress admin area, Settings >> General and change the domain pretty easily.

ANOTHER option: install MAMP (if you use mac) or XAMPP (if you use windows) -- develop the wordpress site on your own computer, and when you're ready to publish, use a plug-in (try DUPLICATOR - it's FREE and in the wordpress plug-ins marketplace) -- it will help you move your Wordpress site in a few clicks.

Backup Buddy and MANAGE WP are also good (if you're cool with paying for good plug-ins).

(it sounds like your domain name hasn't resolved to your ip address yet)

Hi Alexander,

Thanks for your response. I did just purchase the domain and hosting service with bluehost in the past 5 days. I actually transferred the domain to blue host today from the registrar I originally purchased it from so it does appear that the domain hasn't resolved to my ip address yet.

And thanks for the MAMP suggestion... I'll look into that for sure.

I went in to the Settings >> General and changed both sites to http://luketucker.com but now when when I try and get to my wordpress admin by putting the /wp-admin extension it reroutes me to the landing page of my site from the previous registrar.... So I've uninstalled and I'll just wait a few days for the domain to resolve to my ip address and re-install and start from scratch.

Alexander Sobieski
Alexander Sobieski
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Ahh... yes. It takes a few days for both sides to complete the transfer process.

If you still have access to mess with your DNS records (in the old account), quickly see if you can point them to your bluehost name servers

--Go into the Cpanel in your old account and edit/save the DNS records to point to ns1bluehost.com and ns2.bluehost.com (if you use webmail -- as apposed to google apps -- make sure you point your mail servers to bluehost's mail servers).

This way, you can start using your bluehost account right away, and when the transfer finally does go through (usually there's junk with epp codes and passwords, etc. - it can take several days), the domains will already be pointing to the right stuff, so you don't need to do anything else.

I do have access to my old account but when I tried to update the DNS records it says 'object status failed' and it won't register that I've changed the DNS. But it's pending transfer to bluehost as the registrar so I'll wait and mess with it in a couple days.

Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it.

Zac Gordon
Zac Gordon
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+1 For James. BlueHost has great support and would solve this for you right away :)

Diddo - Thanks James and Alexander! I was able to use the same process as before once my domain transferred to blue host as the new registrar. I'm now up and running with setting up my blog.

Thanks again for the great support on the forum.

Cheers, Luke

ps - Every time you say "quizy quiz" in the videos Zac, I consider leaving treehouse for code academy. Just FYI. ;)

Luke, how long did the transfer to bluehost take? I'm in the same boat you were -- wanting to do everything in a step by step motion and ended up with a gobbledy-gook url for WordPress. Did you just re-install WordPress after the transfer happened at bluehost through mojo? Or did it magically correct the url.

Hoping for magic - this is my first treehouse project. ~Lisa

Hi Lisa,

It took about 48 hours to fully transfer the domain. I tried it again a day or two after I posted this issue and it worked fine then. It was just unfortunate with the timing. Bluehost should be better about disclosing this I think.

Hope it works out! If not, definitely contact BlueHost. :) Luke

Bluehost customer service was very helpful. I had to change a few settings at name.com for the domain name to be correctly pointing between BlueHost and WordPress. Thanks.