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Wordpress ads

How much would you prophet off of ads you put on your Wordpress website (you can put ads on ur site btw)

3 Answers

Kevin Korte
Kevin Korte
28,148 Points

There are so many factors to this you can't possibly give even an estimate.

Here are some of the factors though:

1)Who your ad provider is. There are more options than just Google Adsense. They pay at different rates, provide different types of ads, sizes, etc. It would be worthwhile to do some shopping before picking one.

2)How much traffic your site gets. You'll need massive amounts of traffic to equate to anything. The average click through rate that I've continued to hear is anywhere from 0.5%-2%. That is at most, on average 2 of every 100 visitors click on an ad.

3)How are you paid? Are you paid for impressions, or for click through. If you're paid for impressions, you might have a pay structure that pays you $0.15 for every 1,000 impressions of that ad. If you're paid on clicks, you might recieve anywhere from $0.05 - $3 per click. That depends on your ad provider, as well as the the company that set up their ad on the ad provider you are using. (My numbers are purely for examples. I'm not saying that's what you'll actually get)

4)How niche of a group is your audience. A more niche group is likely to have a higher click through rate. For instance, lets say you had a website about Outdoorsman. You'd likely have a higher click through rate on ads for that audience because they are easier to target their interest. The ads served up would likely be about camping, hiking, etc. The downside to a niche market is you tend to restrict your audience size. Where as if you had a more broader audience, you would have the potential to more easily get higher traffic volume, but likely lower click through rates.

5)How well can you be retention. Clearly this is beneficial and critical to make any sort of money from ads.

Anywhere from $0/month to $thousands/month. It depends on what type of people go to your blog, how many, etc.

Pavol Almasi
Pavol Almasi
Courses Plus Student 1,524 Points

Most sites are very close to zero. Unless you have a deal when someone pays you a monthly fee for their ads, your ad revenue depends primarily on traffic. The click-through is typically around 1-3%, meaning that only 1-3 people out of every hundred visitors will click the ad (assuming you have people actually interested in what the ads display. Honestly, most people see click-through rates less than 0.5%) . Of course, there are other factors, such as what content you provide, as ads such as AdSense are displayed based on keywords. And there are significant differences between payoff from let's say ads on a small fitness site and a site that deals with investment in gold (for example). The former will earn you a few cents a click, while the latter would earn you even a few dollars a click. Rather than ads, you may consider joining an affiliate program instead.