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Nelson Cole
Nelson Cole
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Work Space Question

How do you save changes in work space when running it on a PC?

Thanks Nelson

2 Answers

Curtis Murley
Curtis Murley
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I can confirm that the save hotkey for PC is ctrl-S. I do recommend you familiarize yourself with hotkeys and keyboard control as it makes your developing much smoother and efficient :) Happy coding

Jason Anders
Jason Anders
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Hi Nelson. Welcome to Treehouse.

I use a Mac, but I believe it's CTRL-S on a PC. You can always just just under File and click save.

All workspaces are saved in your Workspace file which can be accessed by using the left-hand navigation. It is the 5th one down and has the <> symbols. Once you are a paid student, you are allowed 100 different workspaces.

Keep Coding, and I hope you enjoy your time here at Treehouse! :)