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Working on my resume.html

Hi ! I was working on my resume.html, and after having worked with my resume.html I had to create my resume.css in order to add all the color and designs. However whenever I was trying to create the resume.css it would not create it in the same bar as the others ( index.html, style.css etc etc) but rather it would just create the tab and that would be all. Which eventually would not make any changes whenever I would put the css to work. However I renamed it "file.css" and made the rule to the name file.css instead of resume.css and it worked. So my questions is does it have have to be same name as the html or why was it not working?

Thank you!!!

1 Answer

It does not have to be same name as HTML document. I have no idea why it did not work then, but you can name CSS file anything you want. Check your file paths carefully and make sure you are linking CSS in the HTML properly

OK thank you!