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lyubomyr kovbel
lyubomyr kovbel
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Working with local Host when building web Page

Alrighty so i see you can create your own local host working through python and stuff would these be a more efficient way when your marking up your web page?

Or is it okay to use your own little notePad for insist that you can create a live server with?

Just a thought?

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Alan Brown
Alan Brown
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Hi lyubomyr,

Do what works for you. Yes, a localhost is usually the way to go when creating a website. Use the python script or Node if you prefer JavaScript. There are even apps and browser extensions available that can manage this for you (Web Server for Chrome, Prepros, Anvil for Mac). They are essentially wrappers around things you can do yourself in the Terminal. As you become more proficient you’ll probably adapt to more efficient ways of managing your local servers with a node packages manager, vagrant or docker.