Python Python Basics (2015) Letter Game App Exiting

Works on the workspace but not on the challenge task

What else should I add to this to have it sys.exit() when the input is 'n' and print "Enjoy the show!" for any other response?
import sys
def start_movie():
    start = input("Wanna start the movie?").lower()
    if start != 'n':
        print("Enjoy the show!")
Dave StSomeWhere
Dave StSomeWhere
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Why did you define the start_movie() function - was that part of the challenge?

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Jason Anders
Jason Anders
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Hi JiHun,

The instruction did not say to create a method.

The rest of your code is correct. You just need to delete the line that is creating the method and adjust the indentation for the other lines (once the def startMovie() line is deleted) and the code will pass.

Nice work! :) :dizzy: