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Augusto J. Ferriols IV
Augusto J. Ferriols IV
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Workspace associated with Element States Pseudo-Classes not Launching, and a box pops up that it's "Not Authorized".

I'm trying to launch a new work space that goes with a video and after a minute I get a "Not Authorized" box, even though I'm logged in. I restarted the browser and it didn't help. Thanks!

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Jay Padzensky
Jay Padzensky
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Hey Augusto,

Sorry for the troubles. We're doing some ongoing infrastructure work on our Workspaces and Code Challenges, which can result in these "not authorized" errors. Typically, some refreshes of the page should fix it. If not, please try to close your browser windows and quit the browser completely (mnaybe even reboot), and this may help as well. If not, feel free to contact Support. Thanks for your patience!


Sorry you are experiencing this issue it seems quite unusual to be honest.

Would you be able to pass this information over to treehouse via their email help@teamtreehouse.com they will then be able to look into it for you.