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General Discussion

Elle Kasser
Elle Kasser
4,605 Points

Workspace console won't let me type brackets - I am unable to complete the assignment - help?

I can type bracket anywhere else using ctr+alt+8 or ctr+alt+9 - in workspace console this does not work, yet the assignment calls for it. Is this a bug?

Doesn't your keyboard have all of these?

[ ] { } ( ) < >

Are you talking about some other symbol?

10 Answers

Elle Kasser
Elle Kasser
4,605 Points

Yes, my keyboard lets me type square brackets anywhere I want to - but NOT in the console. Instead it deletes everything I've typed previously. So It can't be about my keyboard, I'm guessing. I can use regular brackets, curly ones don't work either.

Elle Kasser
Elle Kasser
4,605 Points

Just to be clear - I don't have direct keys for these symbols. They are all accessible from my number keys. (exept greater than sign)

That's a keyboard set up I've never heard of before.

What might be happening is a character-code issue (like UTF vs. Unicode vs. Ansi etc...).

So, when you type ctrl-alt-8 in a text program and you see "[", but when you type the same thing in the console (which is trying to use a UTF-8 character type) the character code you type is getting translated into something different because your computer is probably using an unusual character code coming from the operating system.

I can't figure out the solution for you, but you can do some research on your operating system, keyboard, and web browser to try and determine what kinds of codes your computer is generating when you type ctrl-alt-8 or 9.

Good luck!

Lukas Steyer
Lukas Steyer
10,889 Points

I have the same problem, both square and curly brackets wont show up in the console (while parenthesis work fine). Everywhere else I am able to type them, also in the upper, "normal" editor within workspaces. Cant proceed at all with the track/tutorials which is really annoying... Anybody got a solution or further idea?

(PS: accessing from germany on a macbook through Firefox & Safari)

UPDATE: now I have tried it on a Lenovo.. and things are getting even stranger!!

right square bracket works normal while the left square bracket erases one charakter in front/behaves like "backspace"

typing a left curly bracket first displayed RIGHT SQUARE BRACKET but now is erasing everything in front (right curly bracket works normal)...

WTF-8!! :/

Thanks in advance for any help! :)

Elle Kasser
Elle Kasser
4,605 Points

I had/have the exact same problem - using one of the brackets caused it to behave like backspace, I can't remember which one at the moment. I'm using Dell. I'm also from europe (Estonia) so maybe that has got something to do with this weird error?

I have the exact same problem (only in the console) with square and curly brackets. The keyboard shortcuts I usually use to print these signs do not work. I am from France and working on a MacBook Pro. Note that I can not copy/paste either. I guess none of the keyboard shortcuts work in the console. This is pretty annoying :(

Bart Bruneel
Bart Bruneel
27,212 Points

I've got the same problem. Any solutions for this?

Same problem here. I work on a MacBook Pro with a norwegian keyboard. I have to copy the curly and square brackets from a text editor and paste them into the console.


I had the same problem on a french keyboard.

If you have the opportunity to switch to English language (on the language tab for PC but I don't know how you do that on Mac), you can then type [] by using the ^ and $ keys and {} buy using SHIFT ^ and SHIFT $

I do have the problem too, I am using Win 10 with germany layout and to type brackets I press ALT GR + 8 for [ and ALT GR + 9 for ]. Even so for curly braces (ALT GR + 7 or 0)

I have the same problem. swedish keyboard here. The problem is only in the workspace console, not in the workspace editor. (And of course everywhere else I can type any brackets just as usual: {}[]<>)

'ALT GR' + '8' which is supposed to be left squared bracket '[' has turned into "undo" command and 'ALT GR' + '7' has changed from left curly bracket '{' into "redo" command.

While there is some value to these new features, I would like to get back the ability to type brackets in the console. ;)

I found a solution!

Well, the problem seems to only appear for me when using Windows. For Ubuntu everything is working fine, so for anyone who's having the same problem, if possible try using Ubuntu.

Filip Zwozdziak
Filip Zwozdziak
553 Points

I've got a macbook pro retina 13 inch 2015 with Swedish keyboard and happen to suffer from the same 'bug'(?), I suppose. Neither [] or {} do not work in the Workspaces console, even though they do work anywhere else. That's downright odd, I reckon. That seems rather annoying and hopefully someone savvy can provide a solution. Cheers of any help!