HTML SVG Basics Introduction to SVG SVGs as Images

Workspace is empty.

The workspace for this video only contains the svg-image. None of the HTML or CSS. This goe sfor the button next to the video as well as underneath the video in the workspaces sections.

I downloaded the project files and uploaded them again to workspaces but thought you might want to know this. Since it's not ideal and all. :)

Alex Sidlinskiy
Alex Sidlinskiy
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Same here, work-space has only one file on 'SVGs as Images" tutorial where Nick has multiples directories plus.

2 Answers

Nick Field
Nick Field
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Solution: unzip the project files available for this video, then drag them into the Workspace to use.

The project files are the 'finished' files, so to follow along;

Remove the divs nested in the div with class "wrapper", and delete lines 25-35 of CSS.

Hope that helps :)

Susana TWhorf
Susana TWhorf
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Many thnks Nick, I had the same problem here ;)

Thanks, Nick but no thanks to Nick (Pettit)... *_"