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Workspace Unavailable

I want to test my code but when I go to port 8000 it lands me to a page that says:

"Workspace Unavailable This is a preview link for a Treehouse Workspace that is not currently active. If you are the workspace owner, you can launch it again via the Treehouse site."

Am I doing something wrong or is this Workspace really not working?

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
204,002 Points

We can check it if you make a snapshot of your workspace and post the link to it here.

3 Answers

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
204,002 Points

Were you running the app when you tried to connect? That's what I would see if I don't run the app.

But I get a different response with the app running, which I did with the "python" command in the workspace console:

treehouse:~/workspace$ python                                                       
 * Running on (Press CTRL+C to quit)                                         
 * Restarting with stat                                                                           
 * Debugger is active!                                                                            
 * Debugger PIN: 605-325-445                                                                      

There's still some things to work on, but it does connect. Then I get a "jinja2.exceptions.TemplateNotFound" error in the preview (with associated diagnostics). That may be due to the file being named "indext.html" (with a "t") instead of "index.html".

FIxing the name leads to yet another error, this time "jinja2.exceptions.TemplateSyntaxError", but you should be able to continue debugging from there.

Sure, here it is:


Now it works. It seems I was forgetting very basic stuff haha.

Thanks, Steven!