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Boris Kamp
Boris Kamp
16,660 Points

wrap text with <p> tag with jQuery


I using advanced custom fields to let users add data, in this case contents of an item. Advanced Custom Fields (wordpress) has no option to wrap each line of a textarea in a tag by default, it does offer the option to convert html code in html, but that means the user must manually wrap all their lines in a <p> tag. What it does offer is to include a <br> tag between all lines which results in this html:

<div class="panel-body side-info">
2 sprues
2 rubber tires

now I would like to add a <p> tag around those four lines by default for css purposes, how can I do this?


Hi Boris,

Is this your goal?

<div class="panel-body side-info">
   <p>2 sprues</p>
   <p>2 rubber tires</p>

2 Answers

This may work out for you:

lines = $(".panel-body").html().split("<br>");
$(".panel-body").html('<p>' + lines.join("</p><p>") + '</p>');

It gets the html inside the div and splits it into an array around the <br>'s. Then joins it back together with <p> tags.

I'm not sure if each of your lines has a trailing and leading space in the actual html or it was just how you posted. The code may have to be updated if you need to get rid of extra spaces.

Boris Kamp
Boris Kamp
16,660 Points

Thank you for your help! It's working pretty good! However, I have two post types I want to apply this two, each with three .panel-body divs. When I use your code from above, it copies the html from the first type and pastes it in the other two div's as well. Off course this is not what I want because the content of those div's is different. I fixed this by doing this:

//Wrap side-info lines in <p> tags
    //review page template
        //Contents review
        lines = $(".panel-body.side-info.contents").html().split("<br>");
        $(".panel-body.side-info.contents").html('<p>' + lines.join("</p><p>") + '</p>');
        //Pros review
        lines = $(".panel-body.side-info.pros").html().split("<br>");
        $(".panel-body.side-info.pros").html('<p>' + lines.join("</p><p>") + '</p>');
        //Cons review
        lines = $(".panel-body.side-info.cons").html().split("<br>");
        $(".panel-body.side-info.cons").html('<p>' + lines.join("</p><p>") + '</p>');
    //finished page template
        //Accessories finished
        lines = $(".panel-body.side-info.used-accessories").html().split("<br>");
        $(".panel-body.side-info.used-accessories").html('<p>' + lines.join("</p><p>") + '</p>');
        //Paints finished
        lines = $(".panel-body.side-info.used-paints").html().split("<br>");
        $(".panel-body.side-info.used-paints").html('<p>' + lines.join("</p><p>") + '</p>');
        //Weathering finished
        lines = $(".panel-body.side-info.used-weathering").html().split("<br>");
        $(".panel-body.side-info.used-weathering").html('<p>' + lines.join("</p><p>") + '</p>');

This works, but only for ONE page template. for example, with this code, it only affects the review page template, and not the finished page template. When I switch them out, the finished page template works, and the review template doesn't How do I fix this? by the way, I get this error in Chrome console: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'split' of undefined

Thank you very much for your support!

Ok, I didn't know there was more than one.

We can use the .each() method to iterate over all 3 div's and run those 2 lines of code for each one. This will remove all the repetition that you have above.

$(".panel-body.side-info").each(function () {
    var lines = $(this).html().split("<br>");
    $(this).html('<p>' + lines.join("</p><p>") + '</p>');

This should get you closer. You won't have the problem of it grabbing the text from one and putting it into all of them.

Other than these 3 div's on the page, are there any other elements on the page that have both a "panel-body" class and a "side-info" class? For the above code to work, you need a selector that will target all 3 div's but not anything else on the page.

Keep checking for that TypeError but I think this code will fix that error.

Let me know how it turns out.

Boris Kamp
Boris Kamp
16,660 Points

THANKS! That did the job! I made special ID's for the div's I wanted to target and used your code to make it work! Thank you very much!