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Angjelin Malaj
Angjelin Malaj
5,983 Points

Write a class named Personalizer with 2 instance parameters*, firstName and lastName. The Personalizer class has 4 metho

The Personalizer class has 4 methods: salutation, greeting, lengthOfNames, shortLong

1-The salutation method takes in an input string parameter sirOrMadam and returns the string "Dear [Sir | Madam]" For example, if the input string value is "Sir" than it returns the string "Dear Sir" If the input string value is "Madam" than it returns the string "Dear Madam"

2-The greeting method prints out to the console "Good Day".

3- The lengthOfNames method returns the length of the firstName and lastName combined. For example, If first name is "Hendrix" and last name is "Tavarez" it returns 14 "Hendrix" is 7 characters long and "Tavarez" is also 7 characters long. Hence, 7 + 7 = 14

4-The shortLong method returns the string short if the lengthOfNames method returns an integer less than 8 and it returns the string long if the lengthOfNames method returns an integer equal or greater than 8 write a test function main() that uses the class Personalizer to print out the following:

Dear [Sir | Madam]:

Good Day, [first_name] [last_name] has a very [short | long] name. It has [# of characters] characters.


[Your Name Here]

For example, if the Personalizer's instance input is "Hendrix" and "Tavarez" and the salutation method's input is "Sir"

the test function should print out

Dear Sir:

Good Day, Hendrix Tavarez has a very long name. It has 14 characters.


Your Java Developer

2 Answers

Here's a Personalizer class to get you started. The instance variables really should be private, but there were no getters or setters in the list of methods, so I made them public:

public class Personalizer {
   //these really should be private
   public String firstName;
   public String lastName;

   //they didn't ask for a constructor, but you need one
   //if you are going to create objects with names
   public Personalizer(String firstName, String lastName) {
      this.firstName = firstName;
      this.lastName = lastName;

   public String salutation(String s) {
      return "Dear " + s;

   public void greeting() {
      System.out.print("Good Day");

   public int lengthOfNames() {
      return firstName.length() + lastName.length();

   public String shortLong() {
      if (lengthOfNames() < 8) {
         return "short";
      } else {
         return "long";

And a unfinished program to test it with:

public class PersonalizerMain {
   public static void main(String[] args) {

      Personalizer m = new Personalizer("Hendrix", "Taverez");

      System.out.println(m.salutation("Sir") + ":");
      System.out.println(", " + m.firstName + " " + m.lastName + " has a very " 
         + m.shortLong() + " name.");

      //add your code here


Angjelin Malaj
Angjelin Malaj
5,983 Points

Mr. Jcorum thank you for your help! Its very helpful.


Angjelin Malaj
Angjelin Malaj
5,983 Points

Hello JCorum

I have an assignment in Java language and I was wondering if You could help me with that , since you have been very helpful with previously and I appreciate it. The question is :

Write a programs that given an arrays of coin flips list and count the number of heads or tails as follow:


coinFlips = { "Tail", "Tail", "Head", "Tail", "Tail", "Tail", "Head", "Head", "Tail", "Head" };



  1. index 2

  2. index 6

  3. index 7

  4. index 9

Total heads: 4


  1. index 0

  2. index 1

  3. index 3

  4. index 4

  5. index 5

  6. index 8

Total tails: 6


Add a method that randomly generates and return the array coinFlips