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Writing hello to the console in C#

I'm trying to do as the exercise is telling me, I'm writing the code as follows: System.Console.Write("Hello: ");

When I check my work it tells me to look at what I wrote between the parentheses and asks if I used a double quote. I copied this from the program that I wrote along with the video, the one I wrote along with the video worked just like Jeremy's did, but now this one wont work. What's the problem?

System.Console.Write("Hello: ");

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Just Like Joseph said. The challenge is asking you print "Hello", not "Hello: ". You can just copy paste "Hello" into the parentheses.

Joseph Lesofski
Joseph Lesofski
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Not sure if I remember what the exercise is asking exactly but I think the problem is you have too much syntax in your string. Instead just write System.Console.Write("Hello");

Thanks guys, I don't understand why it didn't accept it the way I typed it out when the video before hand showed me otherwise.


You're right. There should be some consistency here, but it does help teach that the challenge is looking for a specific output and putting in exactly what the previous video showed you to do isn't what it's asking you for. Anyone can copy/paste something to pass a challenge. You have to just follow the instructions. The challenge is asking for you to write "Hello" to the console.