PHP PHP Basics Daily Exercise Program Conditionals

Joshua Portelli
Joshua Portelli
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You will need to create separate if statement for each student

I do not know what I'm doing wrong?

$studentOneName = 'Dave';
$studentOneGPA = 3.8;

$studentTwoName = 'Treasure';
$studentTwoGPA = 4.0;

//Place your code below this comment
if ($studentOneGPA == 4.0){echo $studentOneName . " made the Honor Roll";}
else if($studentOneGPA <> 4.0) {echo $studentOneName . " has a GPA of " . $studentOneGPA;};

if ($studentTwoGPA == 4.0){echo $studentTwoName . " made the Honor Roll";}
else if($studentTwoGPA <> 4.0) {echo $studentTwoName . " has a GPA of " . $studentTwoGPA;};

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You have the right idea for each student, but you don't need an elseif after your if statement. It's a cause and effect problem so you should only be using an if and else. If you do an elseif then there should be another else statement afterwards to basically apply to all of the situations that can't occur with the elseif.