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Zend, Symphony, Laravel....

What do these frameworks do? I'm not familiar with them.

Would this be something similar as using Wordpress?

Simon Coates
Simon Coates
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Only familiar with Laravel a little, but it has route mapping, templating, middleware, a technology to manipulate tables as objects etc. I think you build things from scratch where wordpress is a complete product where you graft in new functionality through hooks and plugins. (i'm going from memory & it's been a couple years. At the time wordpress had an architecture that seemed mostly conceptually pre OO apart from widgets. )

Treehouse has course on wordpress and a course on laravel. The laravel course is I think version 4, which is a couple years old. (now in hushed tones: I think Lynda has a short course called 'MVC Frameworks for Building PHP Web Applications' that 'introduces' a couple of the technologies you asked about. I haven't taken it so can't vouch for quality. It's very short, so I can't imagine they cover much.)

Thanks Simon Coates !