New Relic Developer Community

By Guil Hernandez and Reggie Williams

New Relic expanded its services to provide all developers access to standard tools the New Relic engineering team uses to build their platform. This allows developers to build custom New Relic One applications.

Now that you’ve learned all about the New Relic One Full-Stack Observability platform, you’re ready to be a full-fledged "Data Nerd". Sign up for free access to New Relic. Forever.

To start developing New Relic applications, go to their Developer site at

The New Relic developer website

Open Source

Explore some of the open-source projects New Relic maintains at

If you've decided to build a custom app or modify one of New Relic's open-source apps, its development environment guide will help set you up with the essentials.

New Relic Developer Toolkit

The New Relic Developer Toolkit is a collection of tools and resources to help you configure, manage, and use New Relic. Discover all tools currently available, learn what the team is currently working on, and even provide feedback.

New Relic Community

Get involved in the New Relic Community. Share knowledge with like-minded developers, participate in the online technical community, even attend an event, build your New Relic skills, and more. Learn, connect, and get involved!

Join the The Relicans Community

The Relicans is a community of amazing users, helping developers create, inspire, explore, and educate across all interests & topics with the power of New Relic.

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