45 hours Track

Full Stack JavaScript

Web Developers working with different frameworks, libraries and languages will certainly be required to use JavaScript professionally. JavaScript powers the interactivity and the user experience on every major website. From user interfaces that provide richer desktop-like experiences to real-time data and messaging applications, you'll find JavaScript in the browser, on your phone and on the server. In this track we'll introduce you to the JavaScript language, and the ins-and-outs of adding interactivity in the browser. Once you're up to speed with JavaScript in the browser, you'll learn Node.js, a popular JavaScript platform for writing and using JavaScript applications outside of the browser. For example, command line applications for improving your workflow, dynamic websites and much more.

  • An entry-level salary for the technologies covered in this track is about $65,000 / yr on average.

  • Some companies that use these technologies regularly include: Walmart, PayPal, Groupon, Airbnb