27 hours Track

Skills for Modern Marketing & Business

We say it often, but it's true: "Every job is a tech job." Marketing professionals today need to know more than just the fundamentals of advertising and the marketing funnel—they need UX fundamentals, web design basics, even data analysis basics. This Track will take your marketing and business resume to the next level.

The Track starts with a few courses covering basic marketing, blogging, and user research principles. You'll need these tools no matter what kind of company you're working at or what you're trying to sell.

Next, we'll cover spreadsheets and Excel basics. The Data Visualization course will walk you through different kinds of charts and how to make and present them. Intro to Big Data will equip you for taking your data learning to the next level.

Commonly, modern marketers are required to have the skills to publish landing pages and insert code that communicates with digital advertising platforms. The HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Basics courses will build these skills.

With this Track, you'll learn all of the skills required to be a modern marketer, including audience building, basic web programming, data analysis, business fundamentals, strategy, and so much more.

  • An entry-level salary for the technologies covered in this track is about $48,000 / yr on average.