Ruby Build an Address Book in Ruby Input and Output Saving The Address Book

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Am I the only one that has a hard time keeping up? :(

So I have no problem at all following along with the videos and passing the little quizzes on the side. But when it comes to doing the extra credit stuff, I don't even know where to start. After seeing everyones extra credit they did it makes me feel like I'm extra slow at learning or something.. Could someone recommend other resources for me to get better at learning Ruby or like, ways to learn to problem solve better?

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The thing is that I often have hard time coming up with optimal and efficient problem solving. Sometimes I need to do a lot of thinking to even get to the solution(Even though I've been programming for 2 years) .This is 100% normal.

Over time, we get experience and our brains kind of create patterns of thinking in a certain way which will help a lot. Plus you are still learning, and frustration is okay. Just keep practicing, get experience and really, do not stress.

I do not have any resources about problem solving skills at hand right now. (I am sure you can easily come across them on the web) I just wanted to give you this advice. Hope it helps. Sorry if this is not the best answer you were waiting for.