C# C# Basics (Retired) Prepare and Plan Introduction

Any plans to extend the C# course?

Maybe a stupid question, but i am really interested in C#, ASP.NET and in App Dev for Windows (Windows Phone, Win10, XBox etc.). There are many .NET jobs out there, but it seems most sites like Treehouse dont really offer courses about C#.

I was really suprised, that TH has a C# course but it is quiet small compared to the other courses.

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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According to the Treehouse content roadmap and the Trello board posting, future planned courses include:

  • C# Objects (coming in January 2016)
  • C# Data Structures
  • Entity Framework Basics
  • ASP .NET Web API
  • Unit Testing C#
  • C# Design Patterns

Except for C# Objects, no scheduled release dates have been announced. And even that one still has no trailer and cannot be bookmarked yet.

First thank you for the links, I am fairly new to Treehouse and didn't know this sources. Well I am glad that there is hope for some good C# stuff. I know i am not the only one who thinks this way. It seems difficult for sites like treehouse, CS & Co. to make C# Tracks. Maybe there are some problems with Microsoft & licenses i don't know

My boss needs me to pick up c# very quickly. As a php developer, I hope that it won't take me too long to get used to developing web applications using c# in asp.net. This basic course is an excellent starter, but I may have to enrol on a course elsewhere if the next course in the c# series doesn't come out soon. This would be a pity, because I learned javascript and php through Treehouse, and it's a great tool.

I have a similar problem...also with asp.net. The bad news are that most other sites also have no C# material. Everyone has Ruby and Python courses but i can not find some C# courses. Only microsoft offers courses on the mircosoftvirtualacedemy or on edX (Massive Open Online Courses). But there arent really sites like Treehouse or Codeschool with .NET stuff.

Andrii Kodola
Andrii Kodola
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Are there any news about C# Objects course? It seems that release date changes every month. I liked your course a lot (comparing to course on Pluralsight it's much more friendly)! But I want to study C# as fast as possible and would like to know if there are any real chances that it'll be released on April?

Some new C# courses have sprung up ike C# Objects, C# Data streams, ASP.Net. Looking forward to C# Tech degree also. please hurry up.

Gokhan Dedeoglu
Gokhan Dedeoglu
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Thank you for these C# contents. I'm looking forward to studying your great C# courses. I would like to see more C# and related technologies courses.

kieran rafter
kieran rafter
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When will c# tech degree arrive?

C# is powerful language and it has very bright future on cross-platform and Windows Platform. That C# track is nice decision! Thank you Treehouse.